ISP® Bowie&Dick Type Autoclave Testpack

As mentioned in all Sterilization Standards, a daily steam penetration test should be run in every autoclave. To this end, Interster developed the ISP® Bowie & Dick Type Autoclave Test Pack. The indicator sheet of this test guarantees colour change from a light blue to an even dark colour and allows for a clear interpretation. The Test Pack complies with ISO 11140-1 (class 2 + 6) and ISO 11140-4.

The ink is applied to the test sheet trough silk screen printing, which ensures that exactly the same amount of ink is used at all times. The ink used is non-toxic and lead free. The test sheet is also laminated to prevent any ink from coming off.

The production of all Bowie & Dick Type Autoclave Test Packs is an automated process under conditioned circumstances. The advantages are that the packs are totally reproducible and the test sheet will stay flat after the sterilization cycle. Full conformity certification for this product has been issued.

Indicator before use

Not correctly changed indicator

Correctly changed indicator