Wash-Checks UH Monitors the Ultrasonic Cleaning Process of Lumened Instruments

Check the wash process of flexible and rigid scopes in your ultrasonic cleaner on a routine basis

1. Place the Wash-Checks UH monitor in hollow holder

2. Connect device to lumen port on the ultrasonic and proceed to run a normal cycle

3. Disconnect hollow holder and examine the monitor

  • Low cost monitor promotes routine use We recommend monitoring at least twice a day
  • Test soil is designed to parallel the removal of blood and tissue Test soil does not contain blood components
  • Use with rigid Wash-Checks H holder or flexible Wash-Checks E holder

Rigid Wash-Checks H Holder

Flexible Wash-Checks E Holder

Product numbers:

Wash-Checks UH (bag of 25pcs) MD1050

Rigid Holder H (each) MD1060

Flexible Holder (each) MD1070