Wash-Checks Monitors the Wash Process in Washer-Disinfectors

Check your wash/detergent system effectiveness with a consistent monitor on a routine basis.

If insufficient time, temperature, detergent concentration, spray arm function or enzyme soak occurs, a red residue remains

  • Test soil is designed to parallel the removal of blood and tissue from surgical instruments No actual blood components from any source are contained in the test soil
  • Low cost monitor promotes routine use
  • We recommend monitoring every shelf of every washer each day for a machine release and using a minimum of one Wash-Checks monitor per load when the washer has proven effective
  • Use with reusable Wash-Checks holder. Holder acts as a hinged instrument, measuring impingement

Third party testing has proven Wash-Checks to be the most reliable and effective wash monitors on the market. (Austrian Association of Sterile Supply)

Product numbers:

Wash-Checks ( bag of 50pcs) MD1020

Wash-Check Holder (each) MD1010

Wash-Checks Holder