D-Zyme™ Appli-Kit all-in-ONE 4 Enzyme Bedside Pre-clean Kit

D-Zyme™ Appli-Kit

All-in-ONE 4 Enzyme DetergentsTM Flexible Endoscope Bedside Pre-clean Kit with “DuraSpongeTM”*. Ready to use all-in-ONE Enzyme Detergent immediately breaks down and removes fat, protein, blood and other bioburden after a flexible endoscope procedure - Maximum fast results.


  • Medical grade sponges that retain 15% more cleaning solution than standard sponges or paper based wipes.
  • Allows for the safe cleaning of all flexible and rigid scopes as well as other surgical instruments.
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY - greater than 30% soy content.

Sponge Size: 4.5" L X 2.4" D

Individually Packaged

Product numbers

Appli-Kit, tube sponge (box of 25x 500ml) MED-APT500025

Appli-Kit, tube sponge (box of 35x215ml) MED-APT215035

Appli-Kit, flat sponge (box of 40x 500ml) MED-APF500040

Appli-Kit, flat sponge (box of 50x215ml) MED-APF215050