Wash-Checks U Monitors the Process in Ultra Sonic Cleaning Systems

Check the effectiveness of the wash process in your ultrasonic cleaner with a consistent monitor on a routine basis. When cleaning conditions are effective, test soil on monitor is dissolved

  • Multi-parameter
    test The presence of a large amount of blue test soil remaining on the monitor reflects a serious deficiency in the ultrasonic cleaning efficiency Tests effective agitation, time, temperature and detergent
  • Low cost monitor promotes routine use
    We recommend monitoring the ultrasonic cleaner once daily with an empty load for a machine release and periodically throughout the day with instruments for a load release
  • Use with reusable Wash-Checks holder
    Save money by using the same reusable holder for both the Wash-Checks and Wash-Checks U. Holder acts as a hinged instrument, measuring impingement.

Wash-Checks Holder

Product numbers:

Wash-Checks U (bag of 50pcs) MD1030

Wash-Checks Holder (each) MD1010